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can query stock details, big wisdom Topview, compass Topview, big wisdom DDE and capital flow analysis and other data.

usage: in the appropriate input box, enter the correct stock code, you can

big wisdom Topview, compass Topview, big wisdom DDE can only query the stock exchange of Shanghai Stock Exchange


stocks may be short of data.

demo address:

hope these tools can help you.

if your blog or website wants to call this query tool, the code is as follows:  

< iframe src=" tool=123456" width=" 200" height=" 280" scrolling=" no" frameborder=" 0"   marginwidth=" 0" marginheight=& quot; 0" > < /iframe>

  because the Sina blog custom module does not support IFRAME tags and JS tags, so you can’t call this code, the solution is directly in the source code mode, paste the following code when the query update date drawback is the need to modify the date, I will update every day after modifying the code in my blog: Sina

  < DIV style=" FONT-WEIGHT: bold; FONT-SIZE: 12px; COLOR: #ff0000; LINE-HEIGHT: 30px; HEIGHT: 30px" > please click the default format input stock code < /DIV>

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