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don’t know if you have seen some time ago the United States occupation began to focus on the social networking site Linke Chinese business recruitment industry news, the news out of the circle of friends in the online recruitment industry said that perhaps China also must face big changes in resource adjustment. In fact, personally, although Linke has a wealth of operational experience and capital base, but for the development of the current recruitment environment is still not China transaction data as a support, before is a good example of the rich, also arrive but deviation of market positioning, the network recruitment industry, capital and channels are often developed second conditions for the entire industry theory understanding will make themselves truly grasp and use of space development.

really understand the user’s job psychology,

?In fact,

circle there are many outstanding network recruitment website, for example, qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin, electric grid, headhunting network, although they are based on user groups have a distinction, but the operation from the idea of speaking there are still many similarities. For example, hunting nets, we all know that it is a face of the middle end of the recruitment of products, through the packaging of this product, many job seekers can more easily find their ideal job. This fully shows that headhunting network for the core communities themselves have a clear understanding for most in the end talent, their skills might be able to stand on its own in a certain industry, but the core of its internal demand is still big business opportunities, and headhunting network will first locate in the limit the high-end, to avoid the low quality crowd doping, give high-end enterprise recruitment at the same time, let more skilled people have a sense of belonging. "Find headhunters", "peer Q" is the establishment of the largest commercial professional reputation, with such a package, no matter who is how many will start thinking about the value of the other party, headhunting network development basis is derived from this.

what’s the trouble with hiring websites now,


said the trouble, some friends would say that profit is the core problem of network recruitment website, in fact, this is not comprehensive, the recruitment website is profitable short board, it still can not grasp the core of the development of the industry, the necessary and sufficient conditions could not improve the development of the industry. Uneven level of the quality of job seekers and recruit the right people, is now the problem of recruitment website, resume does not mean that this person has the ability to adapt to the work of enterprises, through looking for talent recruitment website, in fact, the expectation is the recruitment website can play a screening role, reduce the time cost, it is the most awkward and urgent problem for the entire industry. Therefore, recruitment websites need to improve their efficiency in the day-to-day operations, only efficiency can attract more users to participate in, and the virtuous circle is of great help to the entire recruitment process development. When recruitment companies can leverage and demand communication and detailed understanding of the true information, screening for job seekers can for the first time, let recruiters recruit more targeted, improve the efficiency of recruitment.

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