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with the rapid development of the Internet industry, the emergence of a batch of young personal webmaster, I have seen many young owners of the story is very admirable, I’m just so many personal webmaster in one, but we have the same point is that we all have a bitter experience. I wrote this article just want to and young webmaster chord.

I read in high school, the school is a computer professional, but did not come into contact with the station, then I only want to have my own personal homepage, very satisfied, I had learned to prepare HTML, which for the future establishment of a certain foundation, but for site or a blind, never no one taught me in high school, the university entrance exam is always busy, no time to engage in. Once schools engage in web design contest, I did not participate in, one of my classmates took part in the competition, and made a very nice page, let me help him to vote, I envy then, hope to be able to have their own personal page, put their own advantages to show that.

at the end of the college entrance examination, admitted to the University, or computer science major, in the university campus life is very relaxed, most of the students spend all day playing games in Internet cafes, I have no game cells, has only QQ game, because this kind of environment, the ideal high school is budding. I often find some Internet cafes to establish web information search to the 51.com China largest blog community, I will go to the registered users, will have their own personal homepage, to fill in the information, published in 51, the code of personal space was very beautiful, but also a lot of access people ask me what to do, all ", later, I also have a Baidu space, but I think these are slowly hanging on others under the website homepage, you want to do a personal website, which for the learning of computer people, is to engage in, because To do web site has become one of the ten major IT industry, for the future job is also good, but also want to do something in University.

in 2007, April, in the online search to the " website; ", I found a red version of Web site, which makes me very happy, want to be on the Internet so much in one, do first is to apply for a free website, website called: Zhang Linqiang Chinese personal network (www.zhanglinqiang21.2008red.com) for positioning: public literature website, this is a two level domain name, because Links, website cooperation, later to apply for a domain name (www.yzcm21.com).

The beginning of an

, because there is no money, after the trial, the economic application version, suitable for students, but the site is not so simple, because that is what all don’t understand, then a few days to finally have a website all through the night, a simple website content, but the traffic is not high, do not know how to SEO so, how Baidu included my website, through exploration, step by step to find information, don’t see.

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