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The basic situation of my forum

I first introduced under the forum called super FANS (fans) forum, I do the original station because I love football, and has been silent about Chinese football, I hope the league can rise, can Chinese football development. However, once I search time, super forum found that only some of the portal in the forum, not a truly independent to the super core Forum (of course, there is a super fans forum, but closed). I thought, "why don’t I do one,


at that time, I absolutely ignorant of Forum on construction, I was in school when the owner of the forum, just go to the forum experience, but no experience of the construction of the forum. Later, I searched the Internet for some information and decided to make a free forum on 5D6D first. When the time was ripe, I would be independent again.

FANS forum super

my work in 5D6D 3 months membership exceeded 4200, but after all, a free forum is free, my forum development limited a lot, so at that time, I decided to take early measures to get rid of 5D6D, and 5D6D, so I can not get the data backup forum the. Then I was determined to start all over again,

so, there is a new super FANS forum was born, that is June 18, 2009.

I think, do a station, the most important thing is attentively. The vitality of a forum, one lies in the members, one is the webmaster. With a heart of webmaster, will have a promising station!


seemed beside the point, I said the experience did not seem to say. However, 5D6D 3 months let me accumulate a lot of experience, this is also my new station, two months can break through 1 million important factors.

, here’s a list of my experiences and opinions:

1. site direction, domain name selection and overall layout.

only has a special station that other people have not done before it may have the biggest prospects for development. So, when you want to do a station, on the one hand, according to their own interests, on the other hand, to see what kind of station, is more special, not many people (even no one) done.

For example,

my station, I discovered that there is a good super forum, so I decided to do this, of course, also because I am very interested in, and, I believe, in the bottom of the Super League, will be developed in the


when you identify a station, you have to start the layout, the design of the overall framework, the core must not, from your station for example, I was in the forum, the forum layout design must be around the word, of course, some of you have to set some smart, fun game the popular forum, so, to ensure that no theme from the premise, to attract other traffic.

2. nets >

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