Defend the website’s brand maintenance and Public Relation Consciousness

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in many cases, everyone is pursuing an idea: "brand is the best.". And as stationmaster, more and more stationmaster has brand consciousness slowly, however, build brand is a long-term process. Many webmaster friends directly gave up, more webmaster friends think this and he does not matter.

user experience, I believe now has become a lot of webmaster or SEO workers mantra, in fact, good user experience and brand, word of mouth is linked. Because of brand and word of mouth, it is easier for us to identify with websites. As the owners of the home, A5, stand in a row, found outside the forum, the forum has become a lot of the time accumulation of advertising, but why is everyone? Because this site has become a benchmark for the industry, has a high weight, can provide value to the webmaster. Guardian today wants to discuss the question is the brand maintenance and the public relations consciousness.

many times, we say that brands are difficult to do, but we are still slowly implemented, we are at any time in promoting their website name, however, the establishment of the brand has encountered too many obstacles.

1: different ideas, different levels of knowledge, naturally negative comments.

for any webmaster, may have heard a similar message: you this website is not what the future of this kind of website; others are doing well, don’t waste your time; you this website for someone else to do bad, don’t do it. For any reviewer, they are just standing in their own positions and thinking, and each person has different ideas and different directions for thinking. For example, a row of forums, the early establishment, a lot of people hit us, webmaster BBS has done rotten, you do have what meaning? You also want to put a row of words into a brand, this is too difficult. There are too many comments, but one important problem is that people have not done it, or they have tried and failed, but they have been arbitrarily questioning whether others will succeed.

two: what do users do about our services and content,


building brand is a difficult thing, and sometimes it can not be recognized by everyone. Like we’re going to do a blog, maybe a lot of people say that blogs are confusing and don’t do it. Do you want to put your name into the brand, so much the same name, just a waste of time. There must be quite a lot of talk about it. Like we do forums, may be questioned, others BBS free registration, but you must QQ registration. Many times, our own websites have some rules and regulations, all have their own business model, because of the establishment of the brand, most of the friends are very strict, in all aspects of consideration is very thoughtful. For example, the real name network marketing forum needs real name, maybe a lot of people do not understand. Each website should have its own characteristics, each site has its own system, which is normal, must be done. Sticking to your own ideas is the key.

three: forming brand nature

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