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how to develop a personal website has become a commonplace topic. On the Internet, there are many experiences in this field, many of which are insightful and original, and have a great use for reference to our personal webmaster. I have many years of experience in Internet, witnessed the rise and fall of the Internet, the tide of website development, and formed a number of personal views. Below, I pick a few think to do more distinctive, and have certain potential web site for analysis, hope to give the webmaster bring some inspiration.

one, Vista’s house ( When Windows launched a new Vista system soon, "Vista house" on the flow, came into being. It is based on the Vista operating system, application of knowledge Vista, developed a lot of valuable additional features, such as the Vista master, Vista technique, Vista theme, Vista a key to restore a variety of utility software, troubleshoot and practical system optimization function for the user. In the new system launched, they can seize the opportunity to develop new original content, is by no means an easy thing, they not only achieved the first, but also earned a lot of traffic and expensive value. They are characterized by seize the initiative, dare to be the first to win the opportunities for development.

two, happy net ( That happy net, we certainly loud shouts of applause. Founded in 07, it has grown up at the rate of rockets in just over a year, becoming China’s largest social networking service platform. It features a virtual life platform for users, people can not only on this platform to maintain close contact with family and friends, and make more new friends, very humane life simulation exchange website is very powerful and vivid in the virtual network in the world, people can simulate the real life. Such as business manor, the purchase of real estate, creating virtual wealth, share the joy of labor. Around me, every friend who has played happy nets has taken delight in talking about it. The happy net simulates the real ideal life picture to the utmost, and pursues the perfect user experience unceasingly, has catered to the Internet user’s psychology, has obtained the remarkable achievement through the good word of mouth marketing.

three and "push one" Forum ( This forum is the author of a recent discovery has great potential to its website, website promotion as the theme, provides the exchange website promotion experience for users of the platform, and free for personal webmaster site diagnosis, development suggestions of personal website. And in the station also free for individual Adsense to provide advertising, in "push a" BBS, personal website can get free promotion opportunity, this is all webmaster dream of. This approach will inevitably win the favor of the majority of webmaster, give others a chance, but also give yourself opportunities, can be regarded as a unique originality.

four and 136cha query nets (136cha>

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