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IDC called the data center, in recent years China is not a new thing. Like some flowers, the faster they go, the faster they lose. Some Chinese network giants also expected 04 years or so, Beijing has about 30 data centers. In 08 years, conservative estimates of Beijing’s data were 200. As if overnight, the flowers in the Garden opened, there are gorgeous, but also defeated.

not everyone is wrong, the market will never be wrong, and never right. If you want to live, try to live, to die, and to become a negative asset overnight. The data center is also doomed, and IDC is not flat. When we are showing off G channels, double room, even three wire room, UPS power supply, pious IDC engineer, how long can our advertising words last?. Three months, or half a year, new things emerge in endlessly, in the customer’s appetite, but in these intelligent above, perhaps replacement is inevitable. A lot of data center apple of Sodom. The sales engineer in our propaganda engineers will server the people good heart and soul, a IDC inside the cabinet number the decline. Take a bank loan, the investor’s capital, like an eye blood red bull rampage. Zhongguancun Amoy to more advanced equipment, listen to various ancillary equipment sales personnel, to recruit more sea McCain’s sales staff. But the past and willing, contrary to the custody of customers do not buy it. Ask dad to tell Grandma, please come in and be responsible for 7× 24, grandpa is not happy, still do not pay.


IDC market has been on the rise, not saturated. But for China’s market, first of all, telecom operators have turned this porridge into porridge, scoop out most of their own, and the rest of you go rob it. Several big IT company Zhang Zhang big mouth to eat inside, small and medium-sized enterprises can only grab the porridge inside, add water into porridge to drink. Maybe this is the big story of the IDC market. IDC is not China’s stock market, and retail investors are too thin in IDC. But, again, why should we catch big clients?. With what?.

market unspoken rules, the market environment, its own strength, regardless of the success or failure of the data center. Concubine Wujiang suicide, though still Xiangpei abjection, concubine. Many IDC are perishing before victory, what about the tragic? Empty lonely! A lot of money, a lot of equipment, a lot of effort, I do not know how many rivers washed away without cold bones. The dead is dead, deposit and the hero, under the environment of the growth of the market will not be able to cover a lot of data center of tragic fate, and more prominent a vicious competition in the industry, uneven in quality. From the customer refused to pay fees to delay or even managed customers every day about the horrors of IDC engineers, IDC market with it. Is it time for the market to reshuffle?.

is extremely slow, and this is also the law of how things develop, and may wonder, "IDC"

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