Advertising is the most stable income on the nternet

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today in the information times to see a reporter interviewed Ma Huateng’s news, I was most inspired by one sentence is that "advertising is the most stable income of the Internet",

China’s Internet is still in the initial stage of development. In the long run, online advertising is still the most stable business. Value-added services, online games still have three to five years of great development, but there is also saturation. And the growth rate of online advertising is very high. China’s Internet companies will follow the trend of change, and the Chinese Internet in the two most difficult areas to attack, namely search and e-commerce.

" for a long time, online advertising is still the most stable business " this sentence deeply moved me, from the garbage station came to the personal Adsense.

07 years, he thinks, Chinese enterprises in the Internet advertising more and more, if you do a business activities on the website, will receive a lot of advertising,.

such a forum on the Award activities generated. But just built the forum, what do not understand, but do not know what SEO is. Listen to friends say, go to Baidu Post Bar posting will bring a lot of popularity,

so every day to go to Baidu Post Bar post before going to sleep at night is also hanging garbage mass software post. But later discovered, people second days will not come, to think, is not the contents of the forum is not enough ah, so he went to the other sites to copy the article, later also learned oh on the acquisition. This step by step, the forum by hundreds of IP to thousands of IP to now.. Later, in Ali, my mother sold the advertising bit.

said on a pile of his own experience, maybe you will feel paoti, but concluded that as a new webmaster, advertising is the most stable income, as long as one step Study hard, success belongs to us, no matter what kind of website can generate advertising revenue. Now I have to start the electronic commerce Watch station can be free to look at

e-commerce site than ordinary web site difficult to do, search engine traffic is only a small part, there are many promotion means to learn, such as soft Wen, SEM,

, etc.

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