As a webmaster you have to do a few things every day

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as a website optimization should belong to a relatively boring industry, because every day is basically repeated doing the things of yesterday. As a webmaster, every day to observe their standing rankings, see standing on each search engine ranking is stable, see if the keywords ranking whether lifting.

first, every day must continue to update their station, update the best original, because search engines are more favored in the original things, such a station for him more attractive. Update every day at about 2 -5 articles.

second, check each friendship myself standing connections, why do you say that? Because the search engine is more emphasis on a standing friendship connection if the A station and you do the friendship connection, equivalent to A station to station you cast a vote, and of course, the higher the weight of the station connection, more conducive to you stand ranking, general switched connection principle is, first and their relatively high correlation and high PR value site connection, and then there is a correlation between the PR value lower station connection, and then connect to do is not related to the PR value is higher, why do I have to check the friendship connection, because whether it is Baidu or GG is the penalty for a joint station, if your friendship connection stand out of the question to be Baidu K, so you and he made a friendship connection, of course you will be joint punishment. In fact, every day to check friendship connection, but also to prevent nofollow such invalid connection.

third, of course, there is a saying, content is king, connection for the emperor, we can see the importance of connection of the site and the high quality of the connection is also essential to increase every day, the PR value is higher and the spider often go to a place once reproduced or published articles, what about your connection is very helpful, this is search engine to find a good way to you. This will be very conducive to your ranking, and now even more accurate number is Yahoo, using his statistics is more accurate.

fourth, and other views often communicate on the SEO, the mutual exchange of webmaster tools, exchange links and so on, for your work is very helpful, because only communicate to other SEOER in order to understand the unique opinion about website optimization. Promote your study.

fifth, the statistics of the website traffic is relatively large, observed that search engine traffic, and then analyze the data according to the data on the optimization, make optimization scheme specifically, every observation ranking station (every day about 5), people see the site is how to optimization. To improve their own optimization, compensate for the lack of.

sixth, the analysis of the competition website to see people standing why ranking, see the rival station every day to optimize the site, check the opponent so keyword ranking according to web site strength, make optimization scheme.

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