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in 2006, driven by a friend to contact me on the website before will make friends admire, the truth is very envious of others, I do not say what the truth, can be said to be poor and blank in case of contact with a new thing, a friend bought me a space m and let me learn, at that time, enthusiasm, finally have a station of its own, but a friend of the game download site, download games very well, I will do every day in addition to imitate others, work, work on the computer to PA Dao station of its own, there is not much effort, not a few days left Baidu I stand for collection, and included the more than 20 pages, I want to know when the station software was more than 100, most of them are from other station manually copied, to see a friend asked me, I can’t stand to do now, More, but not, and I do not know is the reason for Baidu, or their own luck is too bad. Later, no station, no Baidu.

the first station did not do long, such as flow up friends told me to do Googe advertising, did not think 2 months after they received a $more than 130, oh that! Think the Internet is really good! Was the best time of flow of more than 4000 people a day visit, did not think ah! Then I still love hot, also know my girlfriend in the station, very supportive of me! I do stand unprecedented enthusiasm high. Who would have thought, people have something good! Because I am on the website of the obsession, sometimes girlfriend called me to go shopping, I am lazy to accompany someone’s Day is too little, the people left, so I love the way to end 06 years of peace, the night is too safe. Peace I lost her, my heart pain to the extreme! Sometimes strange luck, drink cold water instead, then I was being abandoned, strange when I stood lost past flow suddenly less than half of people visit, like no brakes, don’t know how control, find good stuff on the Internet every day, but the effect is not big, basically maintained at more than 2000 visits per day, this is the first time I lost.

continued, hope that we can do stand experience and experience to share with me, I will take my stand 2 years to get things to share with you, thank you. Hope that we can pay attention to the future development of personal websites.

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