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first apologized: "writing this topic is just to attract you to come in, but the content is very ordinary, but this is really deep feeling.".

return to the theme, these two knives are: pragmatic and innovative. I think, pragmatic is the basis for the survival of the site, innovation is a necessary condition for the development of the site.

, think about yourself. Did you do that?. First of all, do not say innovation, just look at pragmatic, and can not really do it yourself. I think a lot of psychology is not normal, always want to Yibudengtian: do a waste site, their unclear positioning, not clear to users what is the value of pure thought, updated a few articles, send spam, a little bit of money to buy a bulk forum software, everywhere posting, and dream a month later, traffic crashed, money will snow drifting pocket. The result is predictable: traffic may rise, but over a period of time it will be dropped, seriously K; money barely earned. The reason for the failure is not pragmatic thinking, not really a good project, can only follow the trend, can not make a real value to the users of things, not a step by step down-to-earth to operate, always want to take a shortcut, results of defeat. I think the essence of pragmatism is to do something valuable.

I think, if a webmaster can have practical thoughts, his website is sure to be of great value, there is a great potential for development, and this is a website of living conditions, not the value of the site, the user will soon be eliminated.

sadly, some owners fail, are not yet aware of the "pragmatic" this point, they think is the cause of the failure of their own money to buy the post spam software is not good, close enough, SEO is not enough……

As for the

innovation, it is the practical basis to say, only innovation to distance herself and others to better distinguish, value can continue to explore the site to the user, which coincides with the pragmatic nature mutually.

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