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In July 20, 2010

launched the first talent net providers convenient talents based on Silverlight4 screening tool – cool talent show, the SeaDragon and Deep tool for Pivot application based on Zoom technology, aims to integrate search, browse, and recommend users of Internet interactive experience. In fact, Pivot’s browser function is based on the Trident engine. In addition to the basic talent browsing capabilities (see figure below), the main thing about Pivot is to allow users to freely filter large amounts of visual talent information.


Pivot support web site favorites link (the visualization display page screenshot) users can choose their own needs and conditions in the screening of the left side of the panel, the right side of the interface results can have smooth switch to the new screening results (Deep Zoom depth technology based on zoom and free zoom), any object.


talent net providers as Henan’s first portal’s recruitment website, strengthening and improving the talent show cool tool Silverlight 4 according to the user’s operation, to further enhance the user experience. This not only enhances the user viscosity of the site, so that enterprises recruitment, rapid data collation provides a more convenient experience.

Guo Kai, director of

‘s talent network, said: "Microsoft Silverlight is an excellent and efficient platform, and its excellent graphics performance is especially attractive to us.". As the recruitment website of the first portal in the province, the talent network is based on the forefront of recruitment development in Henan, providing the most intimate and practical recruitment products, the most timely recruitment information and talent information for the majority of enterprises. We will, as always, provide users with more timely, accurate and customized all-round recruitment services."

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