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a brief introduction of your own situation. As a 26 year old woman, in the construction of the industry in the shuttle for more than 6 years, got two treasures. A pen is a friend, a pen is an experience. The longer you work in an industry, the more complex and subtle you will feel, and you’ll feel small.


PS version uses CS3 from 6. FLASH and DREAMWAVER also used CS3 from MX. In the year after year, the Internet has also undergone a major revolution. From the beginning of the template site, to the current brand site. Homogenization of products makes enterprises pay more and more attention to the brand. At the same time, we also need to continue to dig and explore new forms of expression to improve the quality of the site.

with the enterprise competition, customer requirements increase, the pure establishment company has been difficult to stop, many companies in the building site except outside this site to subsequent marketing promotion. How to build an enterprise’s network brand and tap the maximum value of the enterprise site has gradually become one of the core services of the company. Through analysis in recent years, there are some differences between offline brands and online brands. For example, Pepsi All the world knows. we say, but only very little netizens on Pepsi’s official website. Then a lot of enterprise projects found this rule, will to spread through the network marketing, such as seven doll series of games, Coca-Cola QQ torch, QQ ranch Shuhua milk ads and so on. So far, the main web site with other promotion model is our

read a MBA research textbook a few years ago, called service marketing, and a very important concept of service marketing is that both the seller and the buyer need to participate in the whole sales process. For example, site construction staff site, customers need to update their own content. Our site is convenient operation and easy to update? The user experience has become a very important part, but also the management of the operation experience, web browsing experience, but also a point! Now many sites with no refresh technology to improve the experience. The layout is clear, improve the readability of the website.

in addition, the details of the site can not be ignored, for example, most people are accustomed to holding the mouse with the right hand, then buy and cancel the button, the purchase button must be on the right. Because most people hold the mouse when they are idle, the mouse stays on the right side of the screen. Then, when people want to buy, they can reduce the range of moving wrists.


from the point of view can be seen, the establishment of the station to consider 3 party feeling, maintenance and renewal and Development Party (not maintenance if a small problem should be dealt with for a long time, the labor cost is too high, the daily operation of the administrator) (if he will not say to you every two or three days Baocuo, or call your update the content, but also a waste of labor, even he thinks is the site of the problem, but also affect the reputation. ) the operation of web browsers (whether they can quickly find what they want, which determines the rate of return of the site) is constantly improving

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