Talk about the opportunities ‘ve missed over the past few years

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opportunities always come when you least expect them to, and then unexpected away, just as a poem: "I walked lightly, as quietly as I came, sleeves, do not take a cloud……"

in fact, this is the opportunity, we are always looking for opportunities, and the opportunity to come, but not aware of the opportunity to go before we regret.

life is the most painful matter in this world. If God can give me a thousand chances, you still can not grasp the


chance that never misses will never come again.

05 years to today, I do site N, failed N. Summed up the first sentence: concentrate on doing a good, failure is successful, his mother!


later heard a teacher say, "failure is not the mother of success, introspection is the mother of success."

so what I’m missing is introspection, not failure, and today I begin to reflect on my own mistakes.

05 years to today, 3 years, and I also missed the 3 I think, this makes me a chance to succeed.

‘s first chance in 05 years,

in school, I was very interested in LOGO design and website production, remember the earliest time, ChinaRen has a free "home bus", after school time to go to the Internet bar to do web pages. It makes me laugh.

always likes drawing pictures in class. He wants to name his future company and design a LOGO.

because of the worship of Bill Gates, his company is called "Microsoft", so I said later, I opened a company called "big hard", both "Microsoft" antonym. But my classmate told me it should be called "giant hard"". I have a terrible name.

website is also random do, are free space things, they will only a little bit of HTML. There is no traffic to do so. I didn’t have a computer then.

more than 05 years ago.

later bought a computer, on the net, because of his love of design, so in the Internet to find information for LOGO, while I did about hundreds of LOGO finally received a phone company, is a Beijing education, I won the third place of the sign, this is the first time I bid, though just a few hundred dollars bonus + a certificate of honor. But it gave me a lot of encouragement.

accidentally found a website:, just went in, confused, what design is above, collect title, title, back door, keep up with the price, there are hundreds, thousands of. The ad above is "online work platform"".

I registered an account right away, and I designed a lot of signs on it. Also earned thousands of pieces.

K68 later launched an extension of live, you recommend a person to register for publication

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