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today, Chinese economic deformity is more and more serious, college students can not find a job, find a job, professional counterparts, professional counterparts, as wages of migrant workers, the price is like riding on a rocket, a hurricane, a hard month, look at the market, not enough to buy a flat. This situation, so that more people choose to start their own businesses, the cost of no capital investment, only to find smaller projects, such as web site.

indeed, individual stationmaster in China just prosperity, many owners earn some money from it, but with the personal website more and more low threshold of 1 yuan, the domain name, open source, make this industry become uneven in quality, Longshehunza website. Just buy a domain name, find the program, change the picture, such a site is completed, the fee is not high, he will become the logical station.

but, is the stationmaster really that easy to do,


1, domain name

, a website that does not have a good domain name, always seems to be looked down upon, and is called junk domain name. But most of the good domain names in the hands of a small amount, need to spend money to transfer over, and as much as it depends on the heat of the domain name. Small five here is not want everyone to sell those good domain names, but at least you choose the domain name and your website content is connected. A friend of Xiao Wu, the webmaster of the ants Gallery, and he chatted in the process, he wanted to ".Com" to buy, but in the hands of foreigners, as if the price is not low. But look at the front, the gallery website mainly pictures, material, design should know the meaning of PSD, in front of MY, can be understood as "my", also can be understood as "ants"".

two, page design

is now no longer as simple as it used to be. People are paying more and more attention to the appearance and beautification of the website. Even if it’s a station for an enterprise, the boss doesn’t know how to do it at all, but when he needs to see his company’s website, he has something to blow. So, now want to do website, in graphic design still need certain foundation, website LOGO, website color collocation, this is not overnight can do well.

three, familiar with program

is a qualified webmaster, do not understand the program, is bullshit. Now more and more open source programs, leading to more and more simple site, the site is also stereotyped, no mind at all. At most is to change the site template, change the skin layer, but still the same as in the original. Open source program originally intended for those who understand the procedures of the webmaster, you can modify the code, make different things come out.

four, text foundation,


site is ready and needs to be promoted. Promotion of many ways, Baidu promotion and soft text. Baidu promotion is not all sites are appropriate, you say you sell an ear spoon, go to Baidu promotion, one day down you want to sell how many pounds of ear spoon can >!

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