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second monthly game seems to pass quickly, from the "2011CEEN zern · end of world famous shoes Taobao guest promotion competition" was just a week. Second months overall performance is doubled in advance than the first month, this is what we understand well, gradually after the results. Taobao friends, the last one hundred meters, to the ultimate outbreak of it,


after following the "luffi520" won the champion this week over week, stable brother "Taobao union VIP media" has successfully defended, take again next week champion, 12 pen turnover single week to break the record! Two days respectively with 4 transaction good results, one week has made huge commissions 1170.76 yuan of the total! Ranking, due to the stability of brother Houjinshizu also every "luffi520", the first top


said, "luffi520" this week also won the 9 pen, if placed before, that has been a staggering achievement, and "luffi520" stability is not inferior to "stable elder brother."". Can only say: there is no best, only better, buddy,


you remember first prize winner "Apple 88 dollars"? Silent for so long, this week is a success, with 6 pen. Perhaps "Apple 88 dollars" is another way, not to compete for the top awards, "leap Progress Award" is a huge opportunity for


winter high help new gorgeous appearance

High new carnival season

zern recently held "( has a large number of customer’s attention, the new on-line [] to help the Vikings high series of both the shape and quality have very good reputation, Taobao guest friends, remember the adjustment strategy of


"2011CEEN · zern; world famous shoes Taobao customers to promote competition" first month award results are as follows:

top three: luffi520 (13 pens) prizes: 300 yuan +CEEN, baby hair leather shoes, a pair of

Yu Qingping (9 pens) prize: 200 yuan

Taobao League VIP media (9 pens) prize: 200 yuan

first prize: Apple 88 dollars prize: 100 yuan bill

friends who do not receive awards, please contact QQ1597389813 promptly to communicate awards,


[Mr. policy] has something to say,

(invited our professional judge, Mr. policy, to say "two sentences")

zern before writing this passage, officials told me that the week turnover of more than 10 pen Amoy has more than doubled, the data show all ah.

In fact, we know that

zern as a sea turtles in the shoes of luxury goods, they must have a long-term development in the determination of China >

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