Webmaster should learn to be down to earth

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today, after work, and browse the webmaster network articles, and found that there are still many articles are written very real.

as a grassroots webmaster, or is it just entered the ranks of the stationmaster people, a month ten thousand traffic, earning hundreds of dollars, are not very realistic.

sure, you can use some mass mailing tools or other cheating methods to make your station short for a lot of traffic, but these are not long.

is doing a website now, want to do the preparation that does not have income 3 months.

, if you say, just rely on the interests of the site, it is deceptive, and the purpose of doing the site should be to make money, as you want to make big money or earn money, that is your own personal ideas.

but the early days of the website are still interesting. No interest, no income, but need to update every day, there is no great interest and great perseverance is relatively difficult to do.

took a stand for, look cool this station on May, after 2 months no income, I have to give up, this time my father returned home not what to do. I simply taught him how to update the article, and to find him good TV drama and Youku TV drama address. He began to update every day. Make sure you update a TV play every day. Hard work pays off, a month later, the site has been included, and ranking is not bad.

now can also bring some revenue every day, but the election of this keyword, Youku is not very popular, so there is not much traffic, but from Youku, watching TV every day can bring hundreds of traffic.

I for the purpose of this example is to say, do not easily believe those who insist, what with a monthly income of tens of thousands, a month to create tens of thousands of things like traffic.

yes, they can do it sometimes, but you don’t always do it.

he said one day to build one hundred blog, updated daily; or write dozens of the original to the network and so on, are not easily achieved.

since you chose to step into the ranks of the webmaster, you should be patient and patient.

can pay attention to the collection of the situation every day, income, but do not impatient. I believe that the pay will always be harvested.

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