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had built the mad music is very hasty, but your computer collects a lot of a lot of interesting, funny, embarrassed, nuts… Sidesplitting resources, dormitory students say how not to go online, and share with everyone. First, I posted a lot on the campus network. Later, I would rather build my own station and send it to my own station.

I also built a station, know a general process, quickly built, choose dedecms as template, because did not see good board, directly by the official template, when feeling is also very good. Later, endless efforts to update, promote, publicize, and even buy advertising, buy links. In this way, after a long time of insistence, the site gradually has some improvement. With the record, let me excited about is PR to 3, the master, this is not what, but for me, it is a great momentum! But such entertainment station, there are lots of fierce competition! But I still insist, as in the past. Believe in persistence! There will be a successful day!


I don’t know why I do not love the official template, I think mainly because I usually see too much of the station is the official template, this is not very good, so I spent huge amounts of time on the Internet to find a lot of big home (don’t laugh at the board! I, because I do not board, can only understand some simple code, then the board). At last I saw in the dedecms forum in ID as "the Master board", really good! Then, download, modify a few days, some of the dislocation modified over! Finally himself quite satisfied! I this person is very attention to detail, sometimes it is a little bit of dislocation, a little flaw and I can not stand, must be changed to their satisfaction, so I spent a few days, but I was very excited, looking at their changes out of the board, a sense of achievement arise spontaneously


then the problem came up… Melancholy is coming… I had to prepare directly to modify the board passed up, and then update the HTML done, who knows, I don’t know how it happened, FTP tool to upload, once accidentally deleted a lot of things, I am afraid that many fear, delete things, and I never backed up data! Then I open the web site when the heart is cold, no data no data! Ah! You know, I never collected every article on the website and I added! I especially a television program, a lot of places goof! It is all I see the movie before, pay special attention to observe, and then use the screenshots, the organization of the text! I really regret not just ghost attacks, data backup! I really want to give up! Is exactly my own stupidity has made me a little to give up the Some valuable data!


later, I found that HTML was still a static folder, and I think there’s still some way out, so I put the newly generated static >

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