Shang stood net want to statistics failure to say statistical market development direction

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I’ve got a problem these days. It’s not the first time, but I really hope it’s the last time. I checked a lot of sites, as long as the use of I want to count, IE6 and IE7 are prompted site errors, statistical code does have problems; statistical data is not accurate, nor complete. In short, I want to statistics these days, there have been such and such problems. My official explanation is: server tuning. Indeed, the server needs to be adjusted, the statistics service should be upgraded, but this way, I don’t know how many websites will be wrong. After all, I want the statistics code to be embedded into the web page.

as a small webmaster, I always feel that I want the statistics, that is, before the Arab River statistics, has always been in line with the needs of the Chinese webmaster. He unique reality interface, unique features, has been deeply webmaster heart, really do not know how much per site there is a matter I want to use the statistics, or how much per site is the one I want to use it anyway, I want to have statistics? It is the webmaster of Fuxing statistics. As some people say, relying on advertising costs and other profits to support the operation of the site, silently for the majority of webmaster services, this is what I want to count respectable places, this is a big brother Jiang, I want the team worthy of praise.

slowly, market domestic competition heated up, especially in the extraordinary 08 years, martial arts list fell, CNZZ revision, thunder statistics "birth", all have to compete for their market size statistics, statistics of each big door is not new, but also look at fiercely as a tiger does. At this point, I want statistics, and never stop, and introduced 8 major functions, although this upgrade is not too much mind. Statistical competition for the market increasingly hot, of which statistics can be called at the forefront of the spot, because this represents at least a direction of development.

but personally, I think most of the owners have not played their part in the use of statistics. The main concern is IP and PV, and the detailed analysis and summary of the visitors’ key words, the use of statistical data on the promotion of the site of the judgment, contrast, but far from enough. That is to say, everyone’s consciousness is not enough now, and the role of statistical data has not been maximized. As provide statistical services, should launch more new functions, guide the majority of owners gradually aware of the role of statistics, the use of data analysis of user behavior, even on the web site operators to promote the means to judge the improvement — this is the core of the system. Here, we might as well say, statistics is for marketing!


statistics, for marketing purposes. Mr. Feng Yingjian has long had a similar view. Specifically, the role of independent third party statistics is mainly as follows:

1. can improve the marketing behavior in time and reduce blindness in order to achieve the best marketing results;

2. conducts network marketing diagnostics through web access data analysis, including the effectiveness of the site’s promotional behavior

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