Under what circumstances can we use Baidu URL channels to improve the quality of our website

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site is not included with the Baidu URL channel, low ranking website submitted by Baidu URL submitted channel, these two kinds of thinking is still stuck in the primitive society, Baidu is in the home page and website to open channel URL submission is not to say that any website can be provided through the URL traffic to daoda ideal purpose, instead of URL channel use is not in place, will cause the website included reduced website ranking decline, so under what circumstances we can improve the quality of the site using Baidu URL


site insists on everyday originality, but the snapshot stagnates

URL will be submitted in URL channel will inevitably lead to the attention of Baidu spider, if your website has not been updated snapshot for a long time, and the content of the website is to daily original, then try to submit URL channel, through the re submit your site address to your web site to let Baidu spider walk, do the benefits can help increase the content of the website in the spider impression, if Baidu database is not the content, it will make your website content be included, snapshots will give you a new snapshot, but please note that precondition: adhere to a daily original website.

If the

didn’t do daily original submitted on Baidu URL channel, so Baidu spider come to your site not only will not give your website a good attitude, instead will think your site is in the verge of falling, maybe you submit this self defeating, let oneself of the site is perhaps K.

web page is a dynamic class, included and deleted,


recently made a dynamic page website, website content relevance is very high, Baidu also recognized, but the content in Baidu approved second days website will disappear, after analysis it has a relationship with the dynamic page address, so I went to the address collected, submitted in the channel URL in Baidu know where this effect is very good, through this method to let Baidu included again after the whole web page live up, included in the site is the blossom of sesame, I think Baidu included dynamic pages and then delete conflicts through the database, and this method can ensure the web page second time is included.

but do this point there is a prerequisite, that is our content not by other websites, if other websites and Baidu included, then we will not submit url in URL channel, the opposite may also be caused by anti sense of Baidu, so in the use of this please point in Baidu search engine query your content is reproduced, if be reproduced, so this method is not applicable.

website was dropped by Baidu, self check, modified,

After the

website was dropped by Baidu, what we can do is self check. When the website checks itself, it finds the whole network

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