Party C text the UGC community team removed snowball content entirely to replace the machine

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Fang Sanwen responded to this article on micro-blog: to practice magic, brandished a knife from the palace…

[introduction] snowball finance’s I American stock market has sharply removed the original content team, and the machine algorithm has completely replaced the original manual editing mechanism. How good the road technology products on the snowball continue to "roll" on


"Internet one-stop" solution that meets the needs of investors generally includes three aspects: communication, product community function, inquiry, product data function, transaction, product value-added function. Snowball chose the community as a starting point for this solution." Fang explains how he founded the social networking site snowball. In June this year, the snowball received from Morningside capital, Sequoia Chinese fund $10 million B round of investment.

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information station has no content team,

July 22nd, snowball financial’s U.S. stock information website I new version of the U.S. stock line, the site page from the original portal into waterfall flow pattern; I content on the page of the United States stocks are directed to snowball. I us shares and snowball are snowball’s different positioning of the two products. I shares were launched in May 2010, while the focus of investor social snowball was released by the end of 2011. Snowball early users accumulated a lot of imports from the United States I stocks.

The change in the

I US stock page is only the appearance of this major revision. Behind this more profound changes, as the information website I stocks completely abandoned their content production (including reprint and original), was originally responsible for the I stocks gathering work content of the team transferred to the newly established I stocks of Asset Management Co. After the daily updates will be fully adopted similar news search engine crawler working mechanism by robot snowball from the specified website every day to grab, assigned to the stocks below according to certain rules of word segmentation. Some of these hot spots or stories that are discussed by users will be recommended on I’s US stock page. In other words, the revised I U. S. stock is actually a snowball inside the United States share related content polymerization.


"let machines replace people, users instead of employees."." This is the side of salmon most repeated words. Founded in the snowball before the side of salmon served as the "Southern Weekend" front page editor of the "Oriental Morning Post", co founded and served as the "Southern Metropolis Daily" editorial board and NetEase deputy chief editor, is a standard media model. However, the traditional media experience far from the side of salmon to implement the product practice snowball but with his rich past. Like snowball, the production and recommendation of content is delivered to the user and the machine

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