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The plot of the

story is like this……

in the whole network promotion period, talk about marketing and how to make marketing ideas into products. I put the electricity supplier is divided into the platform of electricity providers and content based electricity supplier". In the shelf type sales model period, the electricity supplier has not started, seize the supermarket, shopping malls shelves, and occupy a favorable position for which period of the main theme, the media mostly for television, magazines, newspapers, radio. The rise of the Internet, the traditional mode is broken, the electricity supplier network has become the new king of the competition, go online from the line, sales model from the shelf into Taobao, the Jingdong of the shop, the business is electronic business platform, sales method for citation, low-cost, praise, pictures and text descriptions. Times continue to develop, a new electricity supplier mode emerged – content providers. Content providers to do content based, carrying content for the sale and promotion of goods, such as the current self media, net red. By doing micro-blog, WeChat, public number, net red broadcast and other forms, so that the rapid spread of content, such as PAPI sauce. Content providers through the dissemination of high-quality content, insert content in the product to be sold.

electronic business platform to pay more attention to the purchase of product quality, price, praise, user shopping, shopping will alert psychology to be excited, the price is preferential, whether the product is practical, is true, is not fake. When yesterday spent 888 yuan to buy a microwave oven, today becomes 788, how do you feel psychologically?. When Jingdong spent 5000 yuan to buy a range hood, today in Taobao on the same section of only 4500 yuan, what would you think?


is shopping on the platform, the mental state is the "shopping" state, and the comparative psychology is stimulated in the subconscious. The content of business model through content will be good meanders, users look at content and not "shopping" psychology, comparative psychology will not be excited. Coupled with the trust of the net red man, shopping behavior is produced under the defenseless condition. Such as the logical thinking of the old day, the public number will have 60 seconds of the book recommendation, through the expression of the essence of the book, reading the signal transfer to the user. Users will not be disgusted with the mentality, but also did not open the "shopping" status, virtually resulting in the purchase intention, which is the content of the electricity supplier. Content based electricity providers to push the form of valuable content to achieve sales purposes, in the sales process, fans psychology in non shopping state, through the transfer of content information, it is easy for users to generate shopping desire.

from shelf type to electronic business platform, and then to the content of the electricity supplier model, marketing was further subdivided, marketing model also from rough marketing to today’s refinement of marketing changes. The main purpose of shelf sales is to increase the line exposure, allowing users to change from shopping to shopping, and the higher the exposure, the greater the sales. Electricity supplier marketing is the use of online exposure, praise, sales, information and prices, through the above information to help users desire to buy. Content marketing is a fine battalion with content as its carrier

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