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due to the condition and the restriction factors, I contact with the network is not a long time, it can be said that the high school before even what computer has seen the real first contact network in the college entrance examination after about 03 years in July, in order to check went to the. Now it’s hard to imagine how embarrassed I was at that time. I was in the " of my classmate. I was guiding ". I was surfing the Internet, and I didn’t know what to do. That was a very deep impression. I remember when I opened the first site is (Wuhan University, I am now attending school), was very excited and excited, ha ha, now think of the mentally retarded,


last semester the school opened a basic knowledge of computer courses, I study basically can be a simple operation of the computer, and then gradually hooked on network, QQ, E_MAIL, BBS, such as personal homepage, into my life like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and I feel the network world of colorful, but I was most interested in those who do the personal home page, was naive to think that they seem to be the world’s most NB people really worship. So I borrowed an old book from the library and edited my first page with FRONTPAGE. Although it was ugly, it was an attempt after all, so I carefully put it on the Internet and told my classmates. Surprisingly there are even more than 100 people visit within a week, I was greatly encouraged, on the same day borrowed from the library book report about the basic effects, all through the night " ". I have found himself a special code to the page, set the king is a bunch of special effects, this time, and there are a lot of admirers, I was indescribably proud, this also is to entertain you, oh.

gradually, I am not satisfied with my web page level. I want to know some of the wonderful pictures, magic GIF animations and dazzling FLASH on the internet. So I borrowed PHOTOSHOP 6, FIREWORKS 4, FLASH 5, DREAMWEAVER 4 (which were relatively new versions of older younger webmaster until, webmaster might not know, ha ha). I treasure, day and night to learn, as long as a class room to study, may be the net is too large, the past three months, I just learned some fur things, only some simple production, many things are still not understand, only slowly.

soon after me for various programs offer online are interested in, find a movie today, tomorrow to find a picture of the day after tomorrow, find a alumni, then find a web site, and each attempt to modify the (of course is to modify the pictures and text, hehe), change later on the Internet that seems to want to prove their website complete (now it seems really let everyone laugh). Naturally, none of these things are on the web

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