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Each work

designers do is like his own child, a lot of thinking in the birth process, but the process, thinking of these thinking is not only an effect diagram can show; there are a lot of professional cognitive level of the designer, and can not show the effect diagram, design is relative perceptual plus, so a lot of time differences thus produced.


don’t try it in blue. Try green, purple, orange, try it…… The element is bigger, the element is bigger, and that one is bigger too…… Don’t use this font for individual tests…… Try to put the module as a whole to the left. The module below is taken to the right. Try not to put it on the whole as a whole…… OH, My, God! Behind each designer, there are a group of gods pointing to the rivers and mountains……

when someone calls you to change this change when, as a designer, you can do is self pity, and lick the injured heart, while changing your work? At this time there is no wonder why, there is no effect on the design of their responsible figure full of


the first step: 100% interface show + design ideas


will show the effect of figure 100% interface, and with their own design ideas, which for the designer to produce the effect diagram is the most basic (effect diagram due to the article width of the picture is compressed). As shown above, the default interface and the interface effect to change the theme of Baidu mobile phone input method V2.1 version, clarify the design reason, convenient demand side know why you are so designed, for some unreasonable demand is tried out and pass.


for important projects, can not explain the design of a few simple reasons, you can use PPT and other forms, multi page description of the design process and ideas, and ultimately the 100% interface to show the design renderings. As shown above, Baidu mobile phone input method Logo revision, we from the initial revision purpose, keywords expansion, contraction, thinking keywords color collocation, collocation, the actual effect of elements in the mobile phone side show multiple perspectives, so why Logo is adopted in the design of shape and color.


finally, the new version of Baidu’s mobile phone input method, Logo, is shown in the figure above.


effect diagram shows basic Taps:


1. effect diagram should be saved to actual size, or does not affect the size of the demand side’s decision on the effect

2. saves the picture >

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