Said watercress lonely he just hid in a corner singing softly

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Ten years after

was created, watercress launched its first brand of advertising.


a hut, a window floating around the earth and the universe of the cabin, cabin and muttered "I sometimes embrace the world, sometimes, I just want a person" the young men, and black rimmed glasses, and messy scene of the black-and-white TV, dial, ink and paper books, the concrete the scene in the ringing melody Pianwei was dubbed "the spirit of our corner".

capital in manic industry, around the "center" and "platform" and "ecological" sound such as watercress thus resorted to be too numerous to enumerate, Enron "corner" positioning, less and less. Like a piece of standing water won’t rock, watercress this product in the living fossil of the role of China witnessed the Internet constantly changing, and then respond to those parties than their own concerns or worries: we lack ambition, but is not "mainstream" and in the same channel.

criticized watercress slow, like Craigslist’s "ugly" criticism, not only is dirt, and no new ideas gradually. Interestingly, the latter situation and watercress has some similarities, such as the following picture shows the Craigslist in the mobile Internet era is to be an overview of many independent vertical App gradually "dismember":


but on the other hand, Craigslist is still the most popular classified information site in the United States. It may not fully enjoy the incremental bonus, but it still has a unique temperament and general ease of use.

this brand identification based on hidden assets, it is difficult to quantify and capital market valuation, however, watercress is quite firmly One loves what is his own.

1996, American social psychologist Shirley · Turk (Sherry Turkle) the first time on the TED speech, the theme is "to celebrate the life of our network, excited to participate in the creation of a virtual world grand mission. Wired magazine put her on the cover, Kevin ·, Kelly also praised her as "digital age Freud"".

twenty years later, Shirley ·’s new group ";" lonely but full of anxiety, she will not hesitate to network life described as "will leave a large number of electronic crumbs", that the Internet makes people lose their abundance and crowded alone ability.

causes this change, is the Internet itself from luxury to necessities of evolution, active addiction may still be able to cure, passive dependence is no medicine can cure.

from this point of view, watercress adhere to, in fact, with the construction of user communities perennial efforts are closely related. Watercress has never been one

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