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author, I promote this industry circle in the network for nearly four years, according to these years of experience, I summed up a number of effective free network promotion methods, I hope to help you more or less.

1, let search engines include your website.

users need to check their interest or something, most still use search engines to search, so let the search engine included your site is very important, you imagine, if the site is not included, how can you get search business? How come to


2, SEO optimization of the site.

said SEO optimization, I believe everyone is not strange, at present it is one of the most stable way of promotion, as long as the keywords do up, usually a little maintenance, can in a long period of time to maintain stability.

3, question and answer website promotion method.

is mainly focused on a number of questions and answers platform on the Internet, such as: Baidu Q & A, Sogou Q & A, Sina Q & A, etc.. Pay attention to by answering or asking questions. Moreover, these questions and answers platform weight is relatively high, it is easy to be included in the search engine, so as to obtain a large number of long tail.

4, Wikipedia website promotion law.

adds relevant entries in the encyclopedia to get search traffic. Familiar with Baidu encyclopedia, Wikipedia encyclopedia, 360 encyclopedia, search encyclopedia. Need to pay attention to, it is better not to master keywords do Wikipedia, because once you do Wikipedia, you will be difficult to surpass it in the rankings.

5, classified information website promotion method.

, for example, publish your web site information to classified information websites. Because the classified information website is updated in real time, spider grab the most frequent, generally speaking, can be included in a few minutes.

6, QQ group website promotion method.

joined dozens of QQ group to publish the information, the advantage is simple and convenient, the main disadvantage is that it is easy to be kicked out, but overall the QQ group is a good method, especially to build their own group, customers take the initiative to join.

7, picture watermark promotion method.

find some pretty funny pictures, use the watermarking tool (I generally use PS software) to the site name and URL, posted to QQ or WeChat, sometimes can get a large amount of forwarding and transmission, thus promoting its own website.

8, soft text promotion method.

to write some articles in the article, clever and not annoying to join your company name or website address, and then contribute to some of the major portals, if the article is good enough, the Internet portals, it will get a lot of links, can enhance your website ranking.

9, blog promotion,


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