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Hello, I am 90 novice webmaster, before an article, see the traffic is good, to my surprise, thank you for your support today, and then try to write my thoughts on the original article. Bad writing, we still have to look at it. Please master some suggestions, after all, I’m just a rookie.

said content is king, then you can see the quality of the content, affecting the site’s ranking, included, and many other aspects. Especially for a new station, it is the need to "please" the search engine stage. At this stage, we should adhere to the original high-quality articles on the web, in order to attract spiders to see. Insist on down, spiders will think this site is good, so then continue to insist on, your site rankings and included will see the effect. Of course, included to see the effect more easily, after all, ranking and the quality and quantity of the chain has great relationship.

now talks about how to write an original article. First, write the content related to the theme of the original web site. We do, do SEO, to think the problem from the perspective of the viewer, as if a visitor, be attracted to your site name here, point into a look but found that some irrelevant answer the article, then you site traffic will be very poor, because you meet need not the viewer. We write articles must be written in line with the theme of the original web site, so that the original to meet the basic requirements of high quality.

two, the key words to be arranged in the article. I read about this aspect of the master’s experience, they say is really like spider browser, if we write fluent sentences, SEO is the indication of excessive optimization, at least the reader can feel the meaning of the sentence is very awkward, a sentence, a spider, also can feel to. If you always put the key words into the sentences, the spider will think that this website does not conform to the readers’ habits, and will gradually ignore you. This is what is known as "the best SEO is without SEO."". I think this sentence is really too classic, too right, is the highest realm of SEO. When I was in the original article, as far as possible the key words in the place where it should appear, and strive to write the article is very smooth. This is an important aspect of high quality originality.

three, daily quality and quantity to complete the task. Search engines like to update their websites, so update them every day. The original word is better than 400 words, in fact, it is not difficult to insist on, the key is to see your execution. If you think your original level is not high, or do not have so much space for you to do the original, find some ways to help yourself get this article. For example, you can go to Baidu is not included in the field, to find some of their own can use the text, to be modified, and then sent to the site. Or search for some similar articles, after reading, then use their words, understand, change the way to write down, and this is also a good

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