Top 10 tips for web sites to attract customers

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1, to provide practical services for users. Some websites are obsessed with making money, but in fact they are completely wrong. The customer is your Yisifumu, no customer support, you how to make money. For example, our website, "a home website", users can publish free listings, and even pictures of home ads are free of charge. Only when the user provides practical services, the user will be willing to support you for a long time, and your website will develop. Therefore, our aim is: "user first, service first.".

2, content specific. Some websites want to do everything, content is multifarious, there is no primary and secondary. After customers enter the website, dazzled, they lost interest.

3, clear classification of information. Site information as far as possible clear classification, similar information as far as possible focus, so that customers will stay in their own interest in the page.

4, content hearty. Some websites, the content is always closely packed, a visual fatigue.

5, the operation as simple as possible. Complex operations can only be daunting, and no one likes extremely complex operations.

6, page pleasing to the eye. Some websites are in a mess and users want to leave as soon as they enter the website.

7, friendly interface. Operation interface as user-friendly as possible, in line with people’s operating habits. Impersonal interfaces can only make users feel that you don’t value them, and they certainly don’t value you.

8, site level clear. Reasonable layout of the site level, and the level as far as possible not too deep.

9, reasonable navigation. Clear navigation, so that users are very clear where they are now, but also facilitate the user to select the operation they want.

10, prompt information is simple and clear. Prompt information is important, especially for error messages. Users see your prompt information, it is clear how to operate the next step, otherwise, the user can not know what to do, you can only choose to abandon.

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