Yue Hao three major aspects of the website to achieve a good user experience

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during the Dragon Boat Festival, I went to an agricultural picking garden in Beijing suburbs with great interest. I really experienced a country style. There is a problem, but caused the thinking of Yue Hao: in the city, a few yuan a pound of fruit, good and big, but many people also pick to pick, not satisfied. The pick in the garden, the same fruit has sold tens of dollars a pound, but also mixed with some crooked melon split date, but we still enjoy it, embrace. The same thing, from several yuan up to tens of dollars, never too satisfied to change into a happy acceptance, which depends on what magic it is undoubtedly the user experience. It is precisely because picking brings everyone happy experience, and then make people willing to pay several times the price.

remain the same, want to make money through the Internet, the user experience is king. Whenever the success of the Internet to make money, the case has always been through the soul of user experience. That is when the user experience of online games, why are there so many people crazy obsessed with online games? Because these games in their eyes is not a game, but a new world personally on the scene. Windows XP has been flourishing because of its superior user experience relative to its previous operating system. XP really interpreted the concept of experience (experience), so it also won the favor of users. Therefore, to make money through the Internet, first of all to win users, and to win the user is the key to the user experience. Yue Hao will be from the following three aspects to talk about a website, how to achieve a good user experience.

one, the designed user experience,

a website in order to attract users, to give users a good experience, we must first have a good design style. Since the browser has just come into contact with a website, his first impressions of the site are largely determined by the design style of the site. If visitors feel the style of the entire website is unique, they will be interested in continuing to browse, so as to have a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the site. On the other hand, if the web site is designed to be very boring, the browser won’t go through it at all, but it will shut down the site directly. So a good website design style is crucial.

The design style of

website mainly embodies in the following three aspects: the color matching of web page, the format of web page and the performance of web page to theme.

1, the color of the page

color matching needs to be based on good color perception, and the selection of colors should be consistent with the location of the site. Yue ho summed up the two principles of website color matching:

(1) big harmony, small contrast,

big harmony, that is, the whole page color effect is unified. It can be achieved by using an approximate color or a color of the same sense of vision. For example, 360 security center web site, extensive use of the approximate color, with green, light green, dark green, green and yellow on the whole page color collocation. And like >

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