Taiwan wisdom living museum landed in Guangzhou as an important entrepreneurial base

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is now a national society in the era of entrepreneurship, under a background of this, entrepreneurship has become a social trend, recently, Taiwan wisdom living museum strong landing in Guangzhou, the cross-strait youth brought business opportunities.

the gallery displays new technology, smart home, actually competing medical beauty video, electrical maintenance, environmental health and other 5 major categories of Taiwan quality brand. The opening day of the 3D technology, high-tech robot, unmanned helicopter and other high-tech display and intelligent sports equipment, electrical equipment, intelligent and green life was beauty instrument and other high-tech products experience. Taiwan Darfon electronics, Shuo engine technology such as Chicco and GARMIN, 13 exhibitors, exhibition to the citizens of Guangzhou, Taiwan won the world awards and the global leader in innovative products, which actively promote the Taiwan boutique brand, continue to strengthen cross-strait economic and trade exchanges.


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