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a lot of people in the real road to embark on the road before, will make a detailed plan for their own career development to provide a reference. Moreover, almost all of the textbooks on entrepreneurship are emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurship. There is no denying that a detailed entrepreneurial business plan is to seize the entrepreneurial development of its own wind vane, and can always assess the completion of the task in the course of its business.

for those who want to raise funds for entrepreneurs, a sound business plan with strong persuasive text (business plan) is essential. Potential investors may consider investing in a scientific and viable business plan. "Words alone are no proof. analysis and planning", put it down in black and white justified, will make people convinced. Entrepreneurial business plan is a roadmap for entrepreneurs to achieve creativity and vision.

in spite of this, the fact that more than 60% of new ventures have not done a detailed written business plan, which do not have a business plan to start a business start-up and entrepreneurs are not in the minority. Many of these start-ups have achieved some success. The survey found that the viability of newly established enterprises, the development of the enterprise before the start of the business has not done a detailed business plan does not seem to have much to do. So it seems that entrepreneurs are trying to do a business plan is useless? What are the advantages of the business plan mentioned above?

to figure out this problem, we must first understand why business plan, how to do business plan. A business plan to raise money is not really a business plan. For many people who intend to start a business, there is no real operation of the enterprise, business experience is not enough. Since the company has not yet started operations, of course, there is no existing business. Such entrepreneurs, in order to raise investment is very difficult.

in fact, many small entrepreneurs do not have enough confidence to attract investment, their sources of funding are mostly their own savings or relatives and friends support. They are engaged in entrepreneurial projects are often not what high-tech industries, but in the field of their own knowledge of the excavation of a little space. Even just to do in the industry of large and medium-sized enterprises do not want to do.

for such entrepreneurs, they often want to start their own businesses can quickly profit. In the era of low profit, it is difficult to make a profit quickly, so for any enterprise, looking for their own profit model is particularly important. The entrepreneurial business plan is the entrepreneur to create their own future prospects and business description. Entrepreneurs must relate to the profit model in the process of design of business plan in question, which helps entrepreneurs in the business before the start will directly face the problem of how to profit, not just exist in the minds of the imagination.


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