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what is the reason to make such a dumpling shop customers continue to earn a bowl full of pots full. What is the reason for such a dumpling shop, so that people who eat too much praise, more than ninety percent of consumers still want to be a repeat consumer consumer. Qiao neighborhood dumplings have been created in the strength of the myth of snacks.

variety a lot of flavor type

Qiao neighborhood dumplings up to 36 flavor, taste delicious, classic road. How many dumplings with neighborhood collocation, production methods, in addition to the characteristics of Boiled dumplings series, but also a combination of cold dishes, porridge, noodles, fruit juice and other auxiliary private series, to meet the various consumer groups and various needs of purchasing power. Bring a wealth of dining fun, all year round can be hot sale, no off-season seasons.

consumer groups more than

Qiao neighborhood civilian pricing, 9 yuan, homely taste, by the public diners like.

Qiao neighborhood dumplings how to make money

fast turn table high

Qiao neighborhood dumplings simple operation, dumplings out of time in 6 minutes to reach the standard of fast food fast. After the customer orders, just 30 seconds to combine the most perfect package. Qiao neighborhood dumplings 9 yuan starting price parity, making the shop business is hot, turn Taiwan rate is high!

high-end store image to attract customers

Strong sense of

smart neighborhood dumplings brand, unified decoration style, mature brand operation planning, mature VI system, comfortable and relaxed dining environment, " has deep memory; taste " as the theme, make more sense of brand store decoration.

easy to make money, return fast

popularity: in itself is a folk food, not only for the staple food, but also for snacks. Diverse taste, nutrition and health.

low cost: a food and beverage investment, the relative cost of dumpling shop is relatively low, small and medium investors is a rare choice of investment.

technology is simple: dumplings can be produced by ordinary people, without professional chef.

huge market: regardless of men and women, North and South regions, you can run dumplings shop.

: no season bound can enjoy throughout the year, not by the influence of the season.

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