Part time entrepreneurs need to remember the following four points

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do not want to give up the existing work, but also want to take the entrepreneurial path, so that most people will choose part-time entrepreneurship this road. Compared to full-time entrepreneurship, part-time venture to be smaller, with more security, but also faces more challenges. So as a part-time entrepreneur, remember the following four points is very important.

1, start with the things you know. Don’t waste time learning new technology. Start a business in the field you already know, can make you more handy.

2, to maintain a simple idea.   find a long-term vision, but don’t think too much about everything in the first place, or you’ll be distracted by yourself, or even yourself.

3, as soon as possible, as much as possible to adjust the work. Make the most of your time, focus on finding the best direction, and when a defensive line is not working well, adjust yourself immediately.

4, turn your current boss into your investor. Your daily work, in fact, can provide you with huge resources. It’s not impossible to turn your boss into your partner and investor.

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