What are the names of the shops taboo

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is perhaps a kind of respect for traditional culture, also perhaps is to store the name of attention, in short, in time to shop name will have a very taboo. In fact, Chinese do what things are afraid of taboo". This shop is Caiyuanguangjin things, everything should take a good, positive meaning, never opened yet committed a taboo.

in addition, many shopkeepers do not like the pursuit of some rare word, however, it is not a business to bring good opportunity, but it will allow guests to stay away from. Name is the need to learn, in ancient times, a name is to ask the master to count, although there is no need to do so, but there are still a lot of taboo is worth noting. So when the name of the attention to what? Now we take its detailed information needs to pay attention to things.

do not use bad luck, unhealthy words or words

Don’t talk like

in the boat fall, don’t say like drowned in the plane, the name of Kyrgyzstan is business taboo. A bad name will make a bad Association, it will affect the customer to the business of the main feelings, a person if you have some ideas will patronize your store? Obviously not. In the end, a person wants to buy things, not just to buy goods, but also with a lot of things attached to the goods, such as services, such as to give him an invisible feeling, etc..

is not to deliberately create a mysterious atmosphere and "poison" a kind of strong directivity of words as the name, although the classic, white perfume is also very popular, but because it relies on a large brand reputation; and foreign conditions and China still not the same. Not only that, two kinds of attitudes Chinese treat domestic and foreign things are completely different, white perfume to give a person a kind of mystery, Leng Yan, the magic of sexual attraction, but if a heding Hong, peacock gall and even arsenic, probably Chinese wouldn’t it.


with well-known shop names like

a lot of stores will feel that the name of the name of the store will be better to borrow, to open the market, but I do not know, such a name, your store grade down all of a sudden. First of all, many customers have such an idea, do not like to copy the product, do not like imitation, as long as a commodity on the imitation of the brand immediately under the grade. It is said that imitation of others, it is better to say that his own brand.

is best not to do shop name

with Chinese

such as "heavy" and "Sheng" and "Xing" how to read these. Besides, it is best not to put in the name of. People often have this mentality: when you can not determine how to read a thing, it will

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