After graduating from college students to sell vegetables business opened the company

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have to say there are many college students looking for work is not easy to find, mainly because they Yangaoshoudi, looking for a job when half will pick and choose, can not find a suitable, but today we are going to the college students speak but lower their attitude, to sell vegetables after graduation, a monthly income is very objective. Look at it.

Liu Chengfei is a walk out from the rural students, after graduating from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in 2013, could work at the school, but he is not complacent, resolutely choose home business.

At the beginning of

entrepreneurship, Liu Chengfei on the Lixin vegetable and fruit wholesale market situation and the development of rural cooperatives to do nearly six months of investigation visit. Found that about 1600000 of the population of Lixin, there is no reasonable vegetable distribution company, which is the biggest business opportunities.

after a variety of financing, Liu Chengfei purchased the distribution of vehicles, and actively contact the vegetable planting base, began his entrepreneurial path. Just started, for various reasons, Liu Chengfei ate a lot cold-shoulder treatment in business development, but he never give up. College student Liu Chengfei: to build vegetables distribution train

is such a persistent entrepreneurial spirit, so that Liu Chengfei first opened the door of the school cafeteria vegetable distribution, procurement, he carefully selected, even if their losses, but also to allow students to eat fresh vegetables, rest assured. Liu Chengfei students: to create the vegetables delivery train today, Liu Chengfei founded the company, has free shipping distribution of vegetables for the county’s more than and 200 small and medium-sized enterprises, school canteens, restaurants, every year the turnover is a breakthrough 7 million yuan.

college student Liu Chengfei: to create a vegetable delivery train in his leadership, there are a number of college graduates, but also chose to come to his company for employment.

recently, Liu Chengfei has opened up more than one thousand acres of vegetable planting base, the production of pollution-free green vegetables, so that not only led to the employment of home workers, but also activated the local vegetable market. College student Liu Chengfei: to build vegetables distribution train

The general manager of Lixin County Tianxiang

Bozhou city vegetable distribution company Liu Chengfei said: "I think actually into the rural areas, and is not a bad thing, young people should be put down the face, be bold to innovate to create more services to the society, to better reflect our contemporary college students, the young man’s responsibility.

if each college students in the time of graduation are aware of their own, low attitude, start with simple things, and slowly accumulate their own experience, I believe that the future is very helpful.

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