What to do to prepare for entrepreneurship

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many aspiring people often look to the entrepreneurial market, however, due to the failure to prepare for the final failure. In fact, any time of the term "modaobuwukanchaigong", only to do business preparations, in order to ensure the success of entrepreneurship. So, what do you want to do before the preparation? Here, Xiao Bian will share with you.

1. mental preparation

some success to start the course from the living, are full of hardships and frustrations, even to the point where the end of hills and rivers. The Chinese famous private entrepreneurs, Shenzhen ahenghua group president Wu Zhijian, in February 1985 to do a self-sustaining farm, Newcastle disease, between 2000 chickens all died overnight, all the investment come to nothing. Do cement prefabricated plant, the quality is not low sales, had to close the door. Do culture club, was smashed by hooligans. Do electronic tube factory, food processing plants, have failed. When he decided to go to the end of hills and rivers, through Shenzhen, with 8 brothers and we get 800 yuan of money, looking for a job during the day, sleep toilets at night, just stick it out. After more than and 10 years of hard work, the current political group has become the high-tech industry in China, large enterprise groups, business finance, trade, real estate, transportation, light industry, food etc. as a whole, has 15 thousand employees, 2 billion 800 million of the assets, the annual output value of 1 billion. Hongkong restaurant waiter and salesman from Superman Li Jiacheng up, through hardships, in his own creation of Changjiang plastic factory at the beginning, had encountered the customer returns, product backlog, factories face the risk of failure, he stuck with tenacious perseverance down, become wealthy in Hongkong today. A successful road to success from failure to tell us, to make a living and difficult start, full of crisis and difficulties, without a strong will, good psychological quality, in the face of difficulties can only accept failure, come to naught, at a loss what to do, good psychological quality, in the face of difficulties can only accept failure, come to naught, at a loss what to do, then passire.

fend for themselves, or when the boss is generally employed to withstand greater pressure. For the working class is the staff, the company can find another down position, and for the operator, the slightest mistake, the cause may be destroyed on one day. On the journey of life, always full of difficulties and setbacks, some setbacks are due to their own carelessness, and some are inevitable or unexpected. Some people in the failure and frustration in the sink, and some people in the failure and frustration in the effort, the reason lies in the difference in each person’s willpower, doing business is also the case. No one has ever tasted defeat. Economic growth is relatively good business to do, it seems that the line to make money. Many companies will get into trouble during the recession. A decision is a mistake or a lack of planning, which leads to failure. People in prosperity, often summon wind and call for rain when in trouble with things, everything is difficult. Banks are reluctant to loan to the seller to purchase goods, the buyer, employees have to disunity, and more of those when people take advantage of the fire.

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