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The unprecedented development momentum of

China economy China crazy forward catering industry from all walks of life, is no exception, the vigorous development of the catering industry makes dumplings industry has benefited, gained unprecedented development good, attracted many entrepreneurs want investors to invest. But the brand is not too much to understand, in fact, Xiaobian feel that delicious dumplings brand is a good choice. Delicious dumplings are well-known brands of chain, has been in the sales chain and Boiled dumplings delicious career fighting, successfully become the industry leader in dumplings. In addition, delicious dumplings in the market has opened several stores to join yo! And are popular business. You want to join the brand of delicious dumplings, don’t want to know the strength of delicious dumplings, join the requirements and cost of joining? Want to know about it, then come with carefully look at the following


Delicious dumplings franchise:

1, franchisees must have a legitimate business qualifications, that is, if the legitimate citizens of People’s Republic of China, but also have a legitimate business license, tax registration certificate and other business documents.

2, recognized and accepted the "delicious dumplings" business philosophy and mode, to venture capital people.

3, in addition to the franchise fee, the franchisee must have basic investment costs and a certain amount of liquidity.

4, to understand the peer market, with a suitable place of business.

5, accept the management and supervision of headquarters, does not violate the franchise contract.

6, franchisee to have a good market operation experience, familiar with the market environment, such as a certain degree of management and market regulation is preferred.

7, strong sense of responsibility and pioneering spirit.

delicious dumplings join process:

1, investment consulting

investors to telephone, fax, online message, such as the way to the headquarters of the professional investment advisory consulting related matters, access to relevant information.

2, field trips

to the company headquarters for field trips, we will send a professional staff to introduce you to the project market overview, the cost of the project, including the location of your site, etc..

3, apply to join

determined to join the intention, it is necessary to submit to the headquarters as soon as possible to join the application, >

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