Summer stall to sell what the most fire

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summer is coming, and to the merchants who put a stall to make money a good time, you can go to work during the day, night stall, while earning double wealth, I believe it can be very easy to get rich, this cycle can be very short.

summer street vendor selling what good? Electric mosquito swatter sell ah! Do not quit your job, you can go to work after the stall, selling things, you can go to your home in the vicinity of the wholesale market Amoy goods, do not online, small commodities, online no quality assurance.

should not consider what the money, because the stall people know that the same kind of goods, not necessarily to everyone, you can put a little point of female ornaments, so that you will not lose, and although selling trinkets can not get rich, but also to make money, do a good job, than you are now high wages to work. Then continue to carefully observe the market, as long as you carefully observe, I believe you put a stall today, tomorrow you will become the leading trend of entrepreneurs. Believe in yourself, believe in the future.

summer street vendor selling what good? I think in addition to the beautiful clothing is the summer accessories supply, sweater chain, bracelet, necklace, earrings, rings, hair and clothing, then the cost is large, and the size of code, very troublesome, jewelry case has the advantages of small volume, light, to bring you and also convenient. Profits can also sell accessories, supply a long time, I also have this jewelry, can mix with the.

can consider in the decoration industry, such as the now popular family wall painting, a background can make ordinary people engaged in painting career, do not need to use special template, the foundation of painting. The effect is vivid, fashionable atmosphere, the feeling will be popular in the market very quickly, and market demand is big, still have development prospect.

summer street vendor selling Sundry Goods, the best is 10 yuan, 2 yuan for small things the best selling, because of cheap things, passing will be tempted to sell a thing was not essential. Of course, you can not sell a stall to eat, first of all, you want to buy a beautiful cloth shop on the ground, and then you have to know that the girls are generally like to shop around to buy things, so you have to use some of the girls, or couples with things.


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