To create a market value of one hundred billion platform project is possible

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virtual platform and the difference between the physical platform which is not important, it is important to bring considerable benefits to the entrepreneur, the market competition intensified, in the end can create a high market value of the platform project? The answer is here.

Discuss many views about

2, the basic operation mode of the platform logic

The basic characteristics of the

the basic operation logic is as follows:

3, the core of the mouth of the selection method

in such a mode of operation, B and C end users of the platform is the core of absorbing their self-worth guarantee. Any model to be successful, you must master at least one of the users, as its core competencies into the field.

in the specific selection process, on the one hand to choose from the entrepreneurial team of self accumulation resource angle. If the majority of the entrepreneurial team members from companies such as IBM, from the perspective of gene, more suitable for entry from the B end user perspective; if the majority of members of the entrepreneurial team from the injection of public comment such enterprises, from the C end user entry is more appropriate.

in the general sense, with the popularization and universality, high frequency domain, such as user groups (human) around the basic needs, including food, clothing, housing, etc., with high demands, such as food, clothing, business hotel, public transportation and other fields, to build after the implementation of the platform, through the C end user driven service resource gathering, polymerization of the reuse of user, is a more effective way.

and those relatively vertically oriented, personalized, relatively low demand characteristics, such as education, Yuesao, subdivision population specific services, from the B end user groups attract with the core relative scarcity of resources control, to achieve the construction of the platform and C end users to attract. Education industry

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