Entrepreneurs should be how to win the market competition

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market is difficult to find a competitor without the industry, whether it is the food and beverage industry or dry cleaning industry, there is no industry without competitors. So, in order to win the competition market, entrepreneurs should have what kind of conditions to start a business?

imitation since entrepreneurs lack of experience. So you might as well imitate. The so-called imitation, that is, regardless of the content of the goods, the size of the space, space design, the content of the space price, business location and other competitors to imitate.

imitation strategy looks simple and effective, but to use the advantages and disadvantages are obvious.

and disadvantages. Chinese people do business rush, which is inseparable from imitation. When you see a successful business, less than a year, there will be a number of new competitors in the market. So, only the imitation of the fur can accumulate experience, but it is difficult to have a long-term development.

second strokes: the attack of commercial competition, sometimes keep alone is keep, if you see the opportunity, we must dare to move against each other. The use of

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