The slag men posing as a doctor Piancaipianse police cracked 6 cases related

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the world is big, there are scams everywhere, I hope the women to polish their eyes, a little clever not to be a bad man. Recently, there is a slag man posing as a doctor Piancaipianse. Now, a slag man has been arrested, but the majority of female friends also need to pay attention to!

3 on the morning of 1 July, Chancheng public security Lanshi police station received a report from the public Miss Zhou, said in a meeting with WeChat and a man after falling in love, the other party to borrow money for various reasons fraud. Coincidentally, the next afternoon, the public Miss Wang also went to the police station, the contents of an alarming similarity.

the understanding, in mid December 2014, a man claiming to be the Shiwan hospital doctor Chen man through the network chat tool in the vicinity of the people, Miss Wang will add as a friend, and repeatedly   in the chat process; stressed that he is still single.



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