Stir live and VR the Rio Olympic Games has come to an end whose entrepreneurial opportunities come

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2016 Rio Olympic Games now to the end, some changes have occurred quietly. The circle of friends about the gold medal less, Taobao online new expression package more mutual fighting sports power; less, multinational athletes group CP; before the black black site security less, discuss the black technology more match…… People’s sports spirit as if suddenly awakened, suggesting what happened in the past four years.

46 document issued in October 2014, known as China’s sports industry historic breakthrough. By the State Council personally depicts 5 trillion the size of the market, followed by the entrepreneurial boom, will push the sports venture capital is concentrated into the air, explosive, seems to be pushing the rush to speed up the pace to catch up with the Olympic bonus 2016.

, according to incomplete statistics, over the past 18 months, occurred in the field of sports financing in 307 cases, the total amount of financing more than 20 billion yuan, more than 10 times the number of 2011 -2014 sports financing total (Disclosure Based on the data network). Sports media not gold in most areas, but also music, Wanda, Ali and other giants have a card track. The VC, PE is active in the field of national fitness, fitness, cycling, running and other areas of financing scale of more than 300 million yuan (data source: "the 2016 sports white paper").

data source: new database, sloth bear sports, Internet

, however, the boom is always accompanied by bubble theory. A large number of sports entrepreneurship projects do not have the formation of a business model, homogenization serious. For example, the recent popularity of the live broadcast platform, in the field of sports broadcast by copyright restrictions can not play too many tricks, such as more than 3000 sports App mode is too repetitive, access to financing in 2016 has been numbered.


sports start off Carnival has become calm, the Rio Olympics will be the end of the global carnival. This session highlights and slots together after the Olympic Games, which can continue to enjoy the bonus of entrepreneurship in the field of



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opportunity track: training

since 2009, International Olympic Committee confirmed the plenary session of the Rio Olympics golf became a formal event, everyone hold China Golf 30 years of big move, in the mobile Internet era all release.

feedback from the capital market in recent years, so that entrepreneurs see the hope of golf. In spite of the motion segments than football, basketball projects, golf sports field in the small number of active. In August 2015 and January 2016, the cloud Golf and express listed on the new board, from two levels of market news also injected a shot in the arm for the golf business.

data source: new database

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