How to open a car disinfection Service Station

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Under the new era of

, as long as we want to start a business, there will be no lack of business opportunities, however, such business opportunities in the end is feasible, in fact, we need to refer to. So, open a car disinfection service station? This business is worth our choice?

disinfection principle

vehicle disinfection service station is using a ozone generator can rapidly produce large amounts of ozone for disinfection, disinfection of the mechanism is that the air of electrolytic separation, produce ozone, destroy the structure of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in a relatively short period of time, so that the loss of viability. The bactericidal effect of ozone is fast, chlorine is 300 – 600 times, ultraviolet radiation of 3000 times. Ozone can also effectively remove toxic gases such as CO, NO, SO2, mustard gas and so on. Ozone disinfection soon after decomposition into oxygen, and oxygen is beneficial to human health.

purification function

vehicle disinfection service station uses air anion generator can produce 10 million units of the concentration of air negative ions to dust, bacteria and virus neutralizing substances in the air to sink, to achieve the purpose of purifying air. The movement of negative ions in the air is in the form of "Z". And the transmission of negative charges to bacteria, dust, smoke particles and water droplets, etc.. Charge and these particles together into a ball, and then fell to the ground, thereby purifying the air.

investment flexible

open a car disinfection service station? Can also do business agency car disinfection service station, which can operate independently or cooperative operation, can be stand-alone business to build cars fast disinfection station, can be sold or leased, not only can the product ownership and right of use and rental or sale, can also be rented or sold respectively (secure password setting just a month, according to the disinfection machine’s automatic count and timing system, the number of participating cooperative query disinfection can be. Shopkeeper can avoid the number of times and loss of income.

practitioners require low

open a car disinfection service station? The car disinfection service station for practitioners of the degree is not required, the operation method is simple to learn, can quickly grasp; because the vast majority of imported high-quality components and after aging treatment, stable product performance, low failure rate, even if the failure is also very easy to solve.

gains lasting

open a car disinfection service station? Auto ozone disinfection life of more than 4 years, generally can reach up to 8 years, with the expansion of the market, its revenue can be sustained development.


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