Ten thousand yuan how to get rich That you have money

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ten thousand yuan how to start a business? How to manage money? How to get rich? Ten thousand for each person can not open a shop, can not do business, but only ten thousand entrepreneurs how to start it? But at the critical time often bring infinite power, used to start a business you have to move a small head. In fact, as long as you make a reasonable use of ten thousand yuan, still can easily be a small boss moist


10 thousand yuan of entrepreneurs who are unlikely to spend a lot of money in advertising, publicity, if it is published in the newspaper advertisement for entrepreneurs is a heavy burden. So only 10 thousand yuan to start a business, you can take advantage of some of the little marketing skills, do not spend money or spend less money to promote. Such as engaged in a variety of talent training industry entrepreneurs can provide their neighbors, parents to provide their own printed leaflets, posted on the community bulletin board can achieve the effect of publicity.

ten thousand yuan to finance and Investment: professional skills in


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