The need to pay attention to these small rotary hot pot soup

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than the general hot pot franchise, rotating small hot pot shop more attention to the taste of the bottom of the soup. This is an important part of a small hot pot restaurant can attract customers. Chef in the modulation of hot pot soup needs to pay attention to the following issues.

Second, making soup, raw materials must be fresh, health. No fresh ingredients with the smell of the fragrance Hot pot is easy to be destroyed, the soup in the pot before the raw material, or processed into puree, must be scraped clean, go as far as impurities; operation of water, utensils, knives, chopping board, to clean, no odor, to ensure the quality of civil fire pot.

Third, making soup, general requirements for cold water pot, without adding water, so as not to affect the concentration of soup and taste; for soup, most of the whole, because it contains a lot of protein, if the boiling water pot, raw material surface due to high temperature, caused by egg white matter   coagulation, forming a tight structure, a lot of nutrients spill damage, thus affecting the quality of soup.   –

Fourth, to be just perfect master fire and rotation of the small time Hot pot soup. Fire is too large, prone to the bottom of the pot and the phenomenon, so that the soup has a bad odor, fire is too small, it will cause the soup is not strong, poor taste, concentration is not enough.

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