How to open a cosmetics shop

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natural beauty is every habit, women make up is more respect for their own. With the development of economy, the beauty industry embarked on the road of thriving and prosperous cosmetics shop opened, has become the best choice for many entrepreneurs, before opening the cosmetics shop entrepreneurs understand the prospects of what the cosmetics industry? Now cosmetics store money? How to manage to make money cosmetics shop opened? Xiaobian think this is a factor before cosmetics shop opened a priority, the market prospect of

today Xiaobian to tell you a simple cosmetics shop

A, source drain crisis. Consumer polarization leads to customer churn. High income consumers tend to choose the elegant environment of the high-end department stores, to enjoy the large department store shopping experience and beauty consultant service; middle income customers are more willing to accept the store image rich taste of the professional beauty salon all in one service; low income groups are often in a one-stop shopping, cheap discount the large and medium-sized supermarkets around, get a lot of benefits. Compared with the above types of stores, cosmetic shops in all aspects have no advantage, the inevitable loss of customers.

two, customer trust crisis. In order to solve the problem of the cosmetics store turnover dropped, some operators often take short-sighted sales price, price war chaos, although a slightly stable source, but it will not damage the entire cosmetics price system, which will greatly reduce the profits of the cosmetics store.

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