The new trend of the garment industry nternet plus custom clothing just red

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now customized service is no longer uncommon, and the Internet to achieve customized apparel to attract the attention of the public, the clothing industry is in transition, this is the new trend of development of industry, which is also a new direction of clothing industry in transition.

when spread to the garment industry in the electronic commerce and the Internet, many traditional clothing also have for the transformation of the mode of transformation, also have their own characteristics, access to the transformation of various garment enterprises, summed up in 4 ways, respectively, the main social APP, such as the state of the "fan", "Lancy star of the wardrobe; the electricity supplier website offline drainage way, which is typical of the cross-border electricity supplier UNIQLO; layout, such as the South Korean investment in the electricity supplier Semir; the" Internet plus custom ", such as cool special Evo customization, etc..

cool take C2M (Customer-to-Manufactory) mode of production, the formation of consumers to directly face the factory mode. In the C2M production mode, using Cotte data to connect users and production workshop, each order of the data can be transmitted to the production workshop, each suit production is divided into N processes, each process by the person in charge, and in front of everyone set up computer recognition terminal customization based on measured data. Cotte simplifies the process of the traditional custom clothing measurement and the edition, through its data system, may carry on the modelling and the classification to the user information, the different measurement information will correspond to the different edition.

Evo tailor customized apparel

Evo tailor was founded in October 2007, the full name of the evo Garment Technology Co. Ltd., headquartered in Guangdong city of Guangzhou Province, the main business clothing custom. It is reported that in June this year, the evo tailoring and led by the monarch associated capital investment, B round of IDG capital with investment of 150 million yuan of investment.

Evo tailor uses custom O2O style business layout. Evo tailor online layout development "tailor" platform to provide on-site measurement up customized service for users, and in the Tmall flagship store sales of its goods; online, the tailor opened the evo shops in Guangzhou and Shenzhen to provide custom clothing, care and other services for users.

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