Snacks to join the car to make money

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believe that the masses are not unfamiliar to the snack car, snack car operating a variety of types of food is very rich, the price is very affordable, so much welcomed by consumers. Snacks to join the project to make money? We can come up with a small analysis.

, a small investment market: throughout the various investment projects, equipment investment, franchise fees, management fees, fees for the use of brand, store decoration, facade rent, staff wages and a count down is not a small investment, the majority of small investors and laid-off workers, working outside Aberdeen refused. Multifunctional snack car with a total investment of only a few thousand dollars, you can easily earn money when the boss, more than you can not imagine the high profits.

two, small business profits: snack car products sold by series or join a variety of vegetables, meat string on the price of 0.5-2 yuan, 0.2-0.4 yuan each on the cost of meat, vegetables on each cost 0.1-0.2 yuan; chicken, chicken, beef, fish and so each priced at 2-3 yuan, each cost 0.8-1.5 yuan, a conservative the day can also sell 3-5 100 series, 5-6 turnover of 100 yuan, profit 2-3 hundred dollars, good business can sell 7-8 per cent, holidays better. Based on the operator tracking survey, the majority of operators monthly net profit 6000-8000 yuan, business is good up to million yuan, this is only a snack car business profits, such as operating at the same time a snack car benefits even more impressive.

three, snack car profit: snack car why can make money? Snack car beautiful shape, convenient for flow, accord with environmental protection, whether in shopping malls, supermarkets, bustling streets, night market, tourist spots, schools and other places can be assured that business! Many varieties, complete taste, when making the 100 meters outside can smell the tantalizing aroma, so diners smelling, went home a good business, as long as the franchisees do, can follow on the way to make money.

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