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even if a shop is able to make money, but spend the same amount of money, if you want a higher profit, wealth accumulation more, naturally we need to be careful. Therefore, a good operating performance of retail customers should be good at budgeting. The best benefit is to get the maximum profit with the least cost. Where does the profit come from? Depends on us. If we are not good at operating a business without sales very careful in reckoning, "understand account", but only in disorderly fashion business there may be empty, "white busy" phenomenon, some even lose money. Therefore, the operation of sales must learn to count the following three accounts.

is a good account". Into the purchase price of goods, is the first factor in determining the level of operating profit. Therefore, in the purchase of goods, I always pay attention to strengthening the comparison, as much as possible contact several purchase units, to do better than three do not suffer the same goods, try to find the lowest purchase channels, operating profit for sufficient space.

two is a good sales account". After the purchase of commodities, to obtain huge profits, we must try to put into the purchase of goods to consumers to bear certain profit price sold, so the purchase price under the same conditions, who sells more who will get more business profits. How we put into the purchase of goods are sold out, my approach is to adapt oneself to recount.

, especially in today’s Taobao sales, WeChat sales and other new forms of retail, retail business increasingly competitive. We pay attention to the actual situation according to their own "count" sales. For example: the sale of public goods to carry out small profits and quick turnover, price sales, to the amount of profit. The sale of specialty goods, adhere to the reserve price, quality. No matter what kind of way, as long as it is conducive to my operating profit, is conducive to the sale of goods, not illegal, not illegal, for myself, I try to carry out.

three is a good profit account". Years of sales experience told me that after the goods back into the purchase, in the sales process, we must strengthen the scientific profit accounting, otherwise, even with the wrong way, there may be little profit or even a loss. In order to strengthen the scientific accounting, I in accounting, in addition to pay attention to consider various cost factors, but also make a reasonable accounting cycle and accounting methods, through scientific calculation, I can not only discover and resolve a variety of possible risk factors in the operation, but also can calculate the best "mode of operation", so as to continuously change business strategy, do not move the dogma, flexible operation, which makes the management of sales at the same cost, profit maximization.

is now doing business can make money, but if we do not calculate well, it may be hard to get their own return. So, if you want to rely on the retail business to make money, you really need to

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