90 after the handsome security candidates apply for security also depends on Yan value

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now, as long as the yen value can be lucky, so a lot of cases, but there are too much fag hag is capricious, yan. Recently, there is a 90 after the handsome security became popular, netizens are talking like a star.

90 popular security handsome look at the face of the world to a knife "deeply ugly Yan Yan burst table values! South Gate Wei handsome little brother cry!" yesterday, Nanjing University official micro-blog sun group users @ wave wind if Sichuan "shot the guard who photos. Some people say that he is like Sheng Yilun, Mark, and Jing Bairan, and some people say like Hawick Lau.

2 26, there are a group of 90 users drying out Nanjing University guard brother photos, high value Yan Shuai cry one netizen. It is reported that the little brother called Xia Chao, Anhui people, 23 years old this year, living a little fresh rosy lips and pretty white teeth. In this regard, users have a message said: "want to choose a university!" "will also recruit female security?" "actually folk Shuainan beauty more to go, but also beautiful than today’s stars and many, but no conditions for


for popular South handsome 90 security guard, Colonel South responded that the school recruitment of security really pay attention to the image, "the guard there is more handsome than him!"



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